The Guardians of Light, Book One: The Betrayer (Second Edition)

Hello my very patient and understanding readers!  I know it has been WAY to long since I last posted, but I promise, the long absence has been a productive one.  To start with, though, I unfortunately did not finish the first book of The Fire Crystal Chronicles like I was hoping I would.  Between graduation, moving, and preparing for my new job, the time just wasn’t there.  HOWEVER, I was not completely idle during the past few weeks.  I received a jolt of motivation to work on The Guardians.  It happened when I found out that a kid I used to babysit for, who goes to my old middle school, found my first book in the library.  He didn’t know I wrote it, but he saw the title, was interested, and started reading it.  Apparently, he LOVED it, and told his mom (who then told him it was my book…really, though, I don’t always look at the author of what I’m reading).  That really brought my attention back to the trilogy, which I have been diligently working on ever since.  And, I am happy to announce, everything is on track for the release of the second book in late August, early September.  In the meantime, though, in anticipation of the rest of the trilogy coming out, I am happy to announce the release of the SECOND EDITION of The Guardians of Light, Book One: The Betrayer.  The whole book has been re-edited and updated, with a lot of rewriting in Part One (the story ends up the same place, but the journey is a little different).  It even has a brand new cover!

I’m very excited about the new release, and hope you all enjoy the changes!  A Kindle edition will be available soon as well, and I will keep you all posted as to when that is ready.  Also, if you want a copy of the First Edition of The Betrayer, get it while you still can, because they will be going out of circulation soon!  All right, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with more updates and more exciting stuff (perhaps an excerpt of Book Two?)  So stay tuned!!
E.K. Broich 

Get your copy of The Betrayer, 2nd Edition here! The Betrayer, 2nd Edition

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