Book Two Cover Reveal!!

Hello all!  So, yes, I promised you a book by now, but it’s obvious that deadlines haven’t really been working out for me.  So here’s what I’m going to do instead…no more deadlines.  I WILL promise that it will be out SOON (interpret that as you will), and I will also keep you posted on my progress so that you know that it IS being worked on and it IS coming.  Since you have all been so patient with me and this whole process, I’m going to give you an extra special treat today to renew your faith that this book will be released soon, and that I haven’t just been taking you for a ride this whole time.  The Guardians of Light, Book Two: The Land of Sand and Sea has a front cover, and you (my loyal blog readers/Facebook followers) get to see it first!

See?  THINGS ARE HAPPENING!  Stay tuned in the next week for the back cover, and the synopsis of book two! 

Until then!

E.K. Broich

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