10 Reasons to Read Romance

The Romance genre is one of the largest and most profitable genres out there, but it still often gets a bad rap. It gets labeled as “smut”, is not seen as sophisticated, or only as a guilty pleasure you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone about. Romance is so much more than people give it credit for, and if you’re one of those people who don’t consider Romance a serious genre, or have just never gotten around to checking it out for one reason or another, here are 10 great reasons to give it a chance!

1. There’s something for everyone!


Do you like mystery? Suspense? Action? Adventure? Do you want something wholesome and sweet, or a little more…explicit? Romance has you covered! There are so many sub-genres to choose from, and among all the different authors with all their different writing styles, you’re sure to find a book to obsess over.

2. It’s more than “smut”…


Romance isn’t just about the sex. It’s about emotions. Romance books focus on the emotional development of their characters, and how those developments effect the central relationship of the story. Some books do this better than others, sure, but even if there’s sex (because there doesn’t always have to be), a good romance interlocks it with the emotional and character growth of the couple.

3. …But the “smut” can be pretty great.


Romance novels can be a way for you to explore your own fantasies. It’s important to note the difference between Romance and Erotica, though. Romance focuses on the relationship of the characters. Erotica’s all about that sex. Still, Romance, and especially well-written, inclusive, equitable Romance, can help to open your mind to better understand your own sexuality and preferences.

4. You can always count on a happy ending.


By definition, a Romance novel must have a happily ever after (or at least a happily for now). So, even if the conflict between the characters seems insurmountable, you can take comfort in the fact that they will overcome it and end up together. Romance is about the journey, not the destination. So just enjoy the ride without stressing about where you’ll end up.

5. Strong female leads are often the driving force of the stories.


Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t problematic portrayals of women in Romance, but there are so many better books staring independent, intelligent, boss ladies. One of my personal favorites is Chloe Mills from Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. She is a woman who is driven, ambitious, and quick-witted, with a spine of steel to go toe-to-toe with her boss/love interest Bennett Ryan. You can find female leads like Chloe throughout the Romance genre, and especially among new Romance.

6. Male leads are given the space to feel things.


As with female leads, this doesn’t mean there aren’t problematic male leads in Romance. Many leads continue to fall into the alpha-male trope, but even within that, authors are dedicating more and more effort to the emotional development and vulnerability of their male characters. Since Romance as a genre is so centered on emotion, it make sense that the men in the stories would have to deal with their emotions in a way that isn’t often focused on in our society.

7. It can be a temporary escape.


Life is hard, and sometimes you just need to occupy your mind and put aside your troubles, if only for a short time. Romance can be your escape, providing you a place where endings are satisfying, fantasies are indulged, and love conquers all. You can recharge your optimism with some feel-good stories.

8. We all love a little bit of drama.


Romance tends to get a bad rap for being “melodramatic”, but so what? People love drama, that’s why Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives shows exist. Drama is exciting, but also messy, so why not get your daily dose from a book instead of from real people?

9. It’s like a roller coaster.


You know that gut-deep thrill you feel when you’re plunging down that first slope on a roller coaster? Romance can be like that. It can take you for an emotional ride. The anticipation leading up to a first kiss in a Romance can be just as breathtaking as a love confession in the rain. Because Romance focuses on the emotions of the characters, it also tugs at your own emotions. You can fall in love with the characters just as they are falling in love with each other. Your heart can break when something forces them apart, and then be filled with joy when they are brought back together. Good Romance makes you want to emotionally invest in its story.

10. Romance is fun!


At the end of the day, Romance novels are just fun to read. They’re like a walk through the park, or a well-earned vacation to the beach. Something to enjoy and brighten your day, because we all need to let loose once in awhile.

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  1. Nailed it. As a reader these are the things that have always pulled me towards romance fictions ever since i was a child. Romance fiction are one of the best books to choose if you want to see a world that is bigger and different than yours. They are also a great source of mental therapy, growth and creativity.

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