Book Trailer!

Hey all!

Just taking a quick break from editing to drop my latest surprise…a brand new book trailer!


You can also find it on the website with information about the books.

Stay tuned for more surprises, including a countdown to the cover release!

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Erin K Broich

Ten Great Reasons to Read “The Guardians of Light”

1. You love an epic story filled with action, adventure, monsters, and just a splash of romance.


2. You wish you could have a dragon for a pet.


3. You’re a fan of bad-ass female heroes that kick all the butt.


4. You’re into the number 4.


5. You like characters that toe-the-line between good and evil.


6. You want to help a struggling artist pay off her student loans.


7. You like to get lost in elaborate fantasy worlds.


8. You’re good at remembering names.


9. You’re a friend and/or relative of the author.


10. You’re looking for something to pass the time while you wait for the final season of “Game of Thrones”.


Convinced? Click on the links below to get the books and get started!

Book OneBook Two

Welcome to My New Site!

Hello all! I know, I know…it’s been ages. Lot’s of things have been happening in my life, including a new degree, and The Guardians just haven’t been getting the love and attention they deserve.

That changes now!

I’ve got some exciting new things planned, and some news I know a lot of people have been waiting quite a while for.

First off, welcome to my new website,! Going forward, this will be the central hub for all things Guardians. Throughout the site, you’ll be able to find information about the books, about me, and easily explore my connected social media sites, including my Twitter, and the trilogy’s Facebook page. This site will also be the new home for my blog, “To Anoera and Beyond” (which you’ve probably already figured out given the fact that you’re reading this on the website).

I’m exploring a few other possibilities to keep you all connected with The Guardians, including a newsletter, and possibly a video series…we’ll see what I can come up with.

Finally, what I’m sure many of you have been waiting for…

Work is well underway on the third and final book of The Guardians of LightIt’s too early yet to set an official release date, but the goal is to have the book finished this year. Stay tuned for updates, and more specific information about Book Three’s timeline!

I’m both excited and sad to be reaching the end of the trilogy, but I can’t wait for you all to finally know how the story ends.

Be sure to check back here for any news and updates, and if you haven’t yet, like the Facebook page, and/or follow me on Twitter!

Until next time,

Erin K.