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Zoey Weeks is the leader of the Sentinels, a team of superheroes dedicated to protecting their home, Speare City. To Zoey, the world is simple – she is the ultimate good, and her archenemy, Titan, is the epitome of evil. Her chance to stop him comes at last when she discovers his true identity. Gabriel Montesco is an intelligent, handsome, charming billionaire who will spend the rest of his life behind bars if Zoey has anything to say about it.

However, a powerful interdimensional warrior soon appears with a message for Zoey and her team. The world is now his – bow down or die. To defeat him, Zoey and the Sentinels must seek help from Gabriel and his Dark Alliance. Forced to work together, Zoey begins to uncover the forgotten details of their shared past and comes to realize that Gabriel wasn’t born a villain…he was made one. When they both recognize that the hate and distrust between them are not as absolute as they thought, their feelings towards each other become increasingly complicated.

As the two secretly grow closer, a betrayal by one of Zoey’s own will ultimately force her to make a choice. Continue living the privileged, straightforward life of a superhero, or throw it all away for the villain she never meant to love.

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Keirah Drachen is princess of the Magi, a secret society of magic-users living alongside our own. They revere power above all else, but Keirah has no magic. Her vulnerabilities make her an easy target for those who would wish her family harm, and a closely guarded secret could threaten the very foundation of her identity. Keirah must determine who she can trust and who wants to hurt her before she finds herself trapped in her enemy’s schemes and manipulations.

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Radish: The Sorceress Queen

Kindle Vella: The Sorceress Queen

Club Eros – where fantasies come to life. Where people go to escape the stresses of their lives and pursue their deepest desires. There is no shortage of stories – scandalous, titillating, loving, and thrilling. Come along for an erotic thrill ride and explore all that Club Eros has to offer. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

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Kindle Vella: Club Eros

At a young age, Christine Davidson was imbued with a love for music but could never pursue her passion. Stuck in a job she hates and a life she doesn’t want, Christine leaps at the chance to become the personal assistant to a living music legend.

Born with a face so disfigured his own parents looked on him with disgust, world-renowned composer and producer Erik Roux keeps himself isolated on his sprawling estate, away from prying eyes and horror-filled stares. Five years ago, the woman he thought he loved shattered his heart and broke what was left of his humanity. Now, shackled with a record label facing bankruptcy and no desire to put out new music, he is resolved to live his life alone, guarding his heart against further disappointment. However, when Christine sweeps into his home, she tempts him as no woman has with her bold desire and angelic singing. Christine, in turn, finds herself quickly entranced by the enigmatic genius with a sinful voice who insists on hiding his face from her.

Lust and music bring them together, but Christine wants more from Erik. She wants his love and trust, but his fear of her rejection keeps him wary and distant. Erik’s latest masterpiece paired with Christine’s voice could save his label and propel her into stardom, but past heartbreaks reappear and rip open soul-deep scars that threaten the shaky foundation of their relationship. As Erik falls deeper into despair, Christine must fight for his humanity, or be forced to walk away from the man who has enraptured her heart, claimed her soul, and given life to her song.

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Tell me your dirty little secrets…

It’s okay. We all have them. Those sexy little fantasies that live in the back of our minds, begging to be let out. Why not let them? Why not explore your fantasies more deeply? I get it, it can be scary letting our most intimate thoughts out in the open – especially our sexual ones. We fear being judged. We fear being ridiculed. We might even fear rejection from those closest to us.

Well, consider this your safe place.

This journal is for you to explore those thoughts and fantasies, free of whatever fears you might be holding onto. This is yours to use how you like. Keep it to yourself or share with your partner(s). Even use it to launch a wildly successful erotica writing career!

However you choose to use this journal, ultimately think of it as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Have fun, you sexy beast, and let your imagination run wild.

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I started writing when I was fourteen years old. Back then, I had the imagination and creativity needed to write an engaging story, but I had no idea what the writing process itself was supposed to look like. I didn’t know about character development or the intricacies of plotting. As a result, while my first book was a good story, it wasn’t necessarily good writing. Everyone’s writing process is different, and there is no right or wrong way to put words on paper. However, there are some standard structures and practices that help frame and build out storylines. That’s why I created this journal – to help with those structures. To help you map out your novel so that you don’t have to sweat the details and can focus on creating your story. Whether this is your first novel, or your next novel, I hope this journal helps make the writing process easier for you. So jump on in and get to work! Happy writing!

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