The Guardians


Also known as the Supreme One, she is the leader of the Guardians.  She holds power over the heavens, and is able to control the wind and call down storms with a thought.  Her deadliest ability, however, is her control of lightning, which she can pull from the sky or shoot from her fingertips.  Her colors are white and gold, and her sacred animal is the griffin.  Angels serve her in her white palace high in the mountaintops of the northern region of Anoera.  She also guards the Doors to Doom, which lead to the ruined home world of the Guardians.  She is Andreena’s mother, and Arken’s wife, and grew up a princess of the world of Narlec, which was nearly destroyed by the demon that now threatens Anoera.


Born a peasant in the world of Narlec, he joined the king’s army and rose quickly through the ranks because of his fighting skills and intelligence.  He became one of the king’s captains, and then a Guardian when Narlec fell.  He holds power over the earth, and can control anything that grows from the ground.  One of his deadliest techniques is his ability to produce thick vines with razor sharp thorns from the ground, which he can then use to attack his enemies.  His colors are green and yellow, and his sacred animal is the lion.  The beings that serve him are called the People of the Forest, and his palace sits in a giant clearing in the middle of the great forest of the eastern region.  He is Gabriella’s husband, and Andreena’s father.


Often considered the wisest of the Guardians, Arnes wields power over water.  Her greatest skills include creating crashing waves from her fingers, as well as the ability to create flying shards of ice that are sharper than daggers.  She is also blessed with the Gift of Sight, and can see into the future.  She was born to a noble family in Narlec, and became one of the king’s captains when she was grown.  Of the all the Guardians, Arnes is the most gentle and abhors bloodshed and violence, though she is fierce warrior, especially when protecting those she cares about.  Her colors are blue and crème, and her sacred animal is the dragore, a type of water dragon.  She is served by sea-people, and resides in a palace that rests on the very edge of a peninsula that stretches far into the sea.         



Born a noble in Narlec, and once betrothed to Gabriella before she chose Arken, K-oe is the Guardian with the ability to produce and control fire.  Hot-tempered and prone to violent outbursts, he is also quite possibly the most dangerous of the Guardians.  One of his deadliest weapons is his ability to create fiery explosions with his body that can incinerate any being close by him.  He was also a captain of the king’s army back in Narlec.  His colors are red and black, and his sacred animal is the dragon.  He lives in a palace built into the side of an active volcano.  Arken and he have a tense relationship because of K-oe’s previous relationship with Gabriella, but are able to unite when the world comes under threat by the demon they once helped to defeat.