The Heroes


The young boy who first unleashed the demon onto Anoera, Shie also helped lock him away again.  When one of the Guardians falls in the battle, Shie is given one of the Seeds of Immortality, which will grant one of his descendants with the powers of the dead Guardian, so that they can be replaced.  However, Shie foolishly eats two seeds believing that will speed up the process, and so not one, but TWO of his descendants have been born with Guardian powers.  While one is needed to restore the Guardians to their full power, the other could throw off the natural balance and put Anoera into even greater danger…


Kandin is an eighteen year-old boy, who lives in the forest of the east with his younger sister, Kassandra.  One day, he arrives home from the marketplace just in time to witness Kassandra’s kidnapping, and to be attacked himself by giant, winged beasts.  He is saved by Andreena, who explains his lineage, and also reveals that he possesses remarkable abilities.  She explains that in order to save his sister, he must stop a plot to unleash the imprisoned demon back onto the world.  Despite his reluctance, Kandin agrees to go with Andreena, and to learn how to control his powers in order to save his sister…and the world.


Andreena is a beautiful, but mysterious girl, who appears to be about Kandin’s age, but is in truth over five thousand years-old.  She is the daughter of Gabriella and Arken, the Guardians of the North and East, but does not reveal this to Kandin, leading him to believe that she is mortal.  She is a skillful warrior, and takes it upon herself to train Kandin in combat, and in how to use his powers.  She refuses to reveal anything about her past or childhood, and can often be short-tempered and cold towards those around her.  However, she can also be very tender and gentle, though seems to rarely reveal that side to Kandin.  While her reasons are unclear, she is Kandin’s greatest ally and staunchest supporter, though they often argue when he appears reluctant to involve himself in Anoera’s struggles.


Bandin was an orphan who wandered into the village near where Kandin grew up when he was just a boy.  He was adopted by Banadan, and kindly old man with no children of his own.  Bandin has never revealed anything about his past before arriving at the village, and claims to have no memory of that time.  He and Kandin became friends as children, and grew up together, along with Kassandra, who Bandin eventually fell in love with.  He joins Kandin and Andreena when he finds out Kassandra has been kidnapped.  He is mortal, with no Guardian powers, but is a skilled archer and decent swordsman.  He has a baby dragon, a gift intended for Kassandra, which he brings with him when he joins the journey.


The youngest daughter of the royal family of Corenora, the Eastern Region of Anoera, Shaena joins the group when they travel through the capital city of Oakwood.  She is strong-willed, intelligent, stubborn, and a skilled fighter.  Her horse, Dem, accompanies her from Oakwood.  Though Shaena grew up with a loving father, she does not know who her mother is, as her father kept their relationship a secret.  Devoted to her country, and protective of her people, Shaena will stop at nothing to keep her kingdom from falling into the hands of her wicked half-sister, Shawna, and joins with Andreena, Kandin, and Bandin so that she can scour the world in search of her long lost brother, Landor, the rightful heir to the throne.