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The Guardians of Light, Book One: The Betrayer (Second Edition)

The nights will grow dark and cold, and men will grow weary and old, for evil shall rise…

An ancient demon is released upon the world of Anoera, seeking vengeance against those who imprisoned him. The only beings with the power to stop him are the Guardians of Light, immortal warriors and protectors of humanity. However, the strength of the Guardians is crippled by treachery, and the threat of destruction lingers for another five-thousand years until a boy named Kandin and his sister are both born with Guardian powers. When his sister is kidnapped by the demon’s forces, Kandin joins with the mysterious Andreena, his childhood friend Bandin, and the fierce princess Shaena to rescue his sister and stop the destruction of the world. An ancient prophecy holds the key to victory, but when Kandin discovers the identity of the one who betrayed the Guardians, he will have to fully embrace his powers, and face his own worse fears, in order to save humanity.

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a4c51-book2b22bfront2bcoverThe forces of evil are growing bolder, and it’s a race against time as Kandin, Andreena, Shaena, and Bandin fight to reach Arnes, Guardian of the South.

Death and destruction already cast a heavy shadow over the group as Kandin and the others continue their journey to the South. Though he grows stronger and gains more control of his Guardian powers every day, Kandin still struggles with insecrurities and doubts about his role as Anoera’s savior…as well as his growing feelings for Andreena. His problems don’t stop there, however. With pirates, sea monsters, wicked kings, and the Betrayer’s forces all hunting them, making it to the South will prove anything but easy. Tensions flare among the group as new bonds are formed and old ones are broken. When a shadow from Andreena’s childhood reemerges, Kandin will have to fight with his heart and soul for her and the world, as demons from the past and present collide in the land of sand and sea.

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Book Three Cover Official

When spirits are broken, darkness threatens to invade as Kandin, Andreena, Shaena, and Bandin prepare for their final confrontation with the Betrayer.

The tragedies of the South behind them, Kandin and his friends reach the North. Instead of the safe haven they’d anticipated, however, they are faced with their most devastating loss yet. Broken and on the verge of hopelessness, Kandin and the others decide to take the fight to the enemy. Deep in the Betrayer’s territory, loyalties are shattered as friends become enemies, and enemies become reluctant allies. Kandin’s faith in himself and the Guardians is severely tested, leaving him vulnerable to a darkness that threatens to overpower him. With his greatest fears on the verge of becoming reality, Kandin will have to overcome his own inner demons to protect those he loves most, and stop the ultimate evil from being unleashed on Anoera.

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About the Author


Erin K. Broich began writing “The Guardians” at age fourteen. After self-publishing the first edition of “The Betrayer” at eighteen, she went on to earn two bachelor degrees in history and religion, and two masters degrees. Having completed “The Guardians” trilogy, Broich continues to work on other projects. After spending time in London, New York, and Boston, she returned to her home state of Iowa, where she currently resides.