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Hey everybody! I’m excited to share that Book Three is in its final stages of editing, and I’m looking at a June publishing date. As I get closer to completion of the book, I’ll let you know the official launch date. In the meantime, I’ve got a few exciting things planned to hold you over until Book Three is released!

First off, keep your eyes peeled in the next week for the official cover reveal. Soon after, I’ll release the official back cover blurb of the book. I’ve got a few other surprises planned, including special sales of Books One and Two (for those of you still needing to buy those in order to get caught up before Book Three)!

Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to make you wait for the first surprise. To give you just a little taste of what’s coming, here’s an excerpt of Book Three!


Kandin and the others realize that they won’t be able to face the forces of evil alone, and decide to call upon all of Anoera to help them…

When she was finished, a heavy silence fell around the table. Marner let out a long whistle.

Finally, he said, “Let me see this stone.”

Andreena reached into her bag and drew out her piece of the broken stone.

She placed it on the table before Marner. He touched it with a hesitant finger. When nothing happened, he sat back and sighed.

“So, there is to be war, eh?” he asked.

“There is no need for you to fear,” Andreena insisted. “My mother’s army will…”

“Did you not say your mother’s army is small?” Marner stated. Andreena nodded. “It can be assumed that whoever is behind this has had years to prepare. You cannot know the size of their army. No, Rutnuck will not sit by while our world stands in peril. My army is yours. We will fight by your side.”

“Marner, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Andreena waved away the idea with her hand. “No, I won’t risk the lives of mortals for this.”

“But if not mortals, then who?” Marner asked. “This is not the world of Immortals. This is not Narlec. The Guardians fight to protect, but they protect out of duty. They have come to love this world, I am sure. They cannot live in a world for thousands of years without learning to love it, but they were not born and bred here. They are not connected here through generations of bloodshed and hope, sacrifice and gain. They did not build this world. Mortals did, and it is mortals who will stand and fight for this world alongside the Immortals, and any other creatures who would wish to battle the evil that threatens our existence.”

Shaena smiled. “Well, that pretty much sums it up, I guess. Don’t try to argue, Andreena. Marner is stubborn, and his army will likely show up whether you like it or not.”

“As it should,” Kandin nodded, an idea coming to him.

“What are you saying?” Andreena asked, noting the glint in his eye.

He stood and paced around the table. “Marner is right. We cannot know the strength of our enemy’s forces. So, we must build our own, great in numbers and power. Gather forces from every region. Corenora, Rinore, and Drandoe.”

“Are you serious?” Bandin raised an eyebrow. “How are you going to gather so many people?”

Kandin didn’t hesitate. “Send your fastest messengers to every kingdom. Send one to Bindare forest to gather the centaurs and creatures there, and have a centaur head towards the Southern Peninsula. Andwin, he’d do it, and he would not hesitate to join us. He could gather the sea-people. We could send something…a token so that they knew the message was from us, and then…”

“Kandin, do you honestly think this will work?” Andreena gasped at him.

Kandin broke away from his thoughts and turned to face them all. “I believe that every man and woman in Anoera that wishes to fight to save their existence should have their chance. The message will spread once it is out there. This war started millenniums ago in a world not our own, but it will end here, in Anoera. The regions will unite as one and fight together. Not as Andirians, not as Corenorians, Rinorians, or Drandoans. They will fight as united Anoerians and face this threat, as one people.”

There was a pause, a heavy silence as Kandin’s passionate words sunk in. Then Marner stood and walked to Kandin’s side.

“I am with you,” he said, reaching out his hand. Kandin smiled and grasped the king’s forearm.

Shaena grinned, stood, and joined the men.

She placed a hand on Kandin’s arm. “Count me in.”

Bandin blew out a deep and sarcastic sigh.

Standing, he shuffled towards his lifelong friend. “Guess I’ll need to be there to bail you out of trouble.” His grinned mirrored Kandin’s as he punched his shoulder and followed it with a bear hug.

Bane rose as well.

“We’ve come this far together,” he said with a nod. “I’ll finish it out with you.”

They looked towards Andreena, who still sat at the table.

“Andreena,” Kandin said in a singsong voice.

She met his gaze and shook her head.

“This is a bad idea. You can’t expect it to work. It’s sloppy, has no dimensions, and it’s just unrealistic.”

“What’s your point?” Kandin asked with a playful grin. “Come on, you know you like it.”

Andreena stood and walked towards him. “Let me get this straight. You’re going to gather different people from different parts of the world in the hopes that they can fight together in an organized fashion, and defeat an army of demons bent on world destruction. Am I missing anything?”

“The fact that you will be leading it?” Kandin smiled.

“Now that’s wishful thinking,” she laughed. “I don’t want any part in this madness.”

She stood in front of him, her arms folded across her chest in a defiant stance.

“Any chance I can change your mind?” Kandin asked.

“Probably not,” she said with a dainty shrug.

“Guys, we may want to leave,” Bandin cut in. “I can sense an awkward moment coming on.”

Kandin shoved Bandin in the shoulder.

Andreena chuckled. “Fine, I’ll make you a deal. You lead this army. I will advise you, but it was your idea, so you’re in charge. I’ll help until I see it’s starting to crash, and I’ll back off before the burn.”

Kandin stared at her. “Me? In charge of an army that size? I don’t think…”

Andreena framed his face with her hands and met his eyes. Her gaze was an intense green that filled him with longing.

“You were born for this,” she insisted. “This is what you were meant to do. You’ve gone your whole life staying back, letting others control you. This is your time. This is your chance to step up and take charge. You were destined for this, Kandin. It’s not meant for me, or anyone else. It was always meant for you. I knew it, and deep down you always knew it too. I’m doing the best thing I can do for you and stepping back. You lead us now. You’re ready.”

Kandin grabbed hold of her wrists and took a deep breath. “In that case, what are we standing around here for? Let’s get started.”

I hope you liked that excerpt, and remember to keep an eye out for more surprises and exciting reveals leading up to the release of Book Three!

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